Email Us Files

If your digital artwork files are smaller than 20MB (common for business cards, brochures, postcards, and flyers), please submit them to us using the form below. Or, you may email your files directly to (Please include your Invoice # if emailing files.)

By submitting the attached files, I agree that I have verified the spelling and graphical content of my artwork and I am satisfied with the appearance and layout of the document(s) as is. I understand that the document(s) will be printed exactly as uploaded and that I cannot make any changes to the files once my order is placed. By submitting these files, I agree to the Terms of Use and assume all responsibility for any errors which may be present in the attached artwork.


Sending Us Files Via FTP

If your digital artwork files exceed 20MB (common for banners, posters, calendars, and catalogs), you will need to send them to us via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). To do so, please follow these instructions.

1. If you don’t already have an FTP client installed on your computer, we recommend FileZilla. FileZilla is free, simple to install and easy to use.

2. Once you have downloaded and installed the FTP client, open the program. You will be asked to enter a Host, Username, Password and Port Number. This is how you will connect to our FTP server. This information will be provided to you after placing your order.

3. After connecting to our FTP server, simply choose the file(s) you wish to upload and drag them over into the FTP program window. They will begin uploading.

4. Once you have finished uploading your files, please contact us and let us know. Remember to reference your order number.