IllumaPrint Panels

Imagine your artwork and graphics illuminated for maximum impact. We introduce you to IllumaPrint, a revolutionary, patented light panel on which you can print your graphics, and illuminate for eye-catching displays.

IllumaPrint is the first of its kind to be able to use ink with illuminating properties through the application of nanotechnology. The light panels are flat, thin and flexible, making them ideal for standard and custom applications. IllumaPrint is versatile and highly efficient. Unlike other illuminated displays in the market, this product consumes only 0.0625 watts/sq. ft., yet still provides soft, evenly distributed light that brings out the best of your artwork. It’s a brilliant solution for creating effective, appealing displays.

2 Options to Choose From:

1. Print directly on the salmon-hued IllumaPrint panel.

2. Or, you may choose to have us print on a special backlit substrate which will be placed in front of an IllumaPrint panel. This way, you can change your artwork or promotion as you please.*

*We do not tape or attach the back-lit to the IllumaPrint panel. You may attach them using tape or purchase a frame separately, in which you may insert the substrate and the panel. Frames are additional and add to the cost.

Our frames are high-quality snap frames with a 1.25” profile. All of our high-quality frames are sturdy, 100% aluminum, and delivered with a lens. Please note: .375” on each side of your graphic will be covered by the frame. Please close each side of the snap frame slowly and carefully, making sure to avoid any contact with your fingers.

We know you love variety, which is why we provide our customers the option to print on a back-lit substrate instead of printing directly on an IllumaPrint panel. Our high-quality back-lit substrate is a professional-grade material that provides excellent color saturation, deep contrast and high pixel resolution. It’s a first-class solution to achieving the most vivid and crisp photos and images for back-lighting purposes.

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